ESH Folks at Cross Roads;What to do??-1

Ever since I have began blogging, I have been receiving calls, emails, Linkedin messages from ESH personnel from Indian entities, asking for advice,that their career has hit a road block as well as there is sense of learned helplessness besides economic blockade with funding for projects etc making them stagnant and no way appearing out. The spectrum of folks who got in touch with me, includes  Senior ESH Managers covering multiple location responsibility to a few folks with good years in ESH responsibility. download

I have already covered this  in my earlier post, here   I thought looks I dive deep further and try to provide hands on tools to make some practical way for folks to wiggle a way out. Let me try to try to work from my personal example.

  1. I had a very average SITE manager, who felt,way up to influence top management was showing improvements in ESH as his deeds and interfering a lot in my way of work (which is broad spread,delegating, participating and I never count trees in forest) as well as micromanaging. So much so,it had a deep impact on my personal emotional side. I had set myself a target of 6 months that I would find a new job with higher responsibility. I was ready to relocate. I sharpened my knowledge/ application skills on international Regulations (This was way before Internet era & downloads can cost a fortune) knew them as good as Indian regulations. When job interview came,on technical skills, I answered them quoting sections of the global law and how its interpretations are done locally to my work and how I achieved success through behavioural approach.  Always see a positive side to everything, be OPTIMISTIC. Things will only get better!! Factories Act, rules, EPA rules of India are laws of yesteryear! World has moved light years ahead! so adapt new standards and practice!! No one is going to say NO when you do more and apply to your work.
  2. Enhance divergent credentials:- In my job interview, Mr PM Thampi, Chairman of BASF -1997, wondered(rightly so in hindsight) how I would sustain in  SHE (He always calls that way He man in She job!!) as the job can get pretty boring once big targets are hit! In spur of moment I replied, Sir, (Mr Thampi is now 80+ Older than my Dad)I plan to acquired Management Degree to see perspective of doing / seeing things from other side! He seemed satisfied! 4 years down the line, when I took up Corporate Job which involved travel to Pakistan,Indonesia  etc (Intelligent Risk Taking as a behaviour) as Regional ESH Head! I remembered my commitment to Mr Thampi, used the time in Flights, Hotel to pursue a course in MBA- HR. (People perspective to Safety aligns well Ops is already at work).This gave me a divergent view to business and how ESH fits in. Why management does what it does!! (Yes my first and last entrance exam to something in life!!!!, boy Entrance exam and expense reports! How much I loathe!! Thank god, I am out of it!!)
  3. Data, Data, Data If less, Fire Hose it with More Data!!!! I can’t help but express my helplessness that ESH folks feel fundings are cut, allocations don’t happen,unnecessary interference from investors/ Top leaders! As I said before in my presentation! My antenna goes up, if I hear folks say we get all funding, safety no problem. I was always clear, We are here to make Profits, enhance bottom line” So how do we go about it.
    1. Work risk based approach to funding. When you carry out Risk assessment and link the mitigation to Costs of projects. Data is with you. Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 1.26.49 PM.pngWhen you provide data, Leaders appear convinced. With data you get a chance to speak at table, without it, Boss’ opinion prevails. As simple as that! c74ee83cfecf433e6aa63cdc19551b50
    2. I cant help but wonder in astonishment,how many times ESH folks crib that they were informed about plans, events, change, modification at the XI hour. Is it??? Where were your relationship bridge?, where is your internal network? Where is your personal touch to go beyond workplace? Where is your emotional aspect I can go on and on and on!! Essence is People achieve results thro Relationship Power (70% of results at work) otherwise called interpersonal skills. Work that! get to know people, build emotional quotient, Reach out! Most relationship goes beyond workplace and so nurture it! Get to know people…… I cant help recollect the tens of instances where major decisions were always hardwired pre-wired over dinner /over drinks at a bar at 2330 Hrs!! 5 years after leaving corporate, I am in touch with 90% folks spread over 27 years in 4 continents!! 

      3. Work your DiSC Profile or equivalent!! You have data to know yourself and easily can get to know others  too from the way they express, interact, react, etc etc, and adapt your interaction, Engagement etc. I am a HIGH”D”! By the way! I can write a couple of blogs on DISC alone and it would become a HR Blog.

      I would continue later!!  Let me know your comments, thoughts!!
      Karthik. 16/3/17, 1440 Hrs.








Author: Karthik B; Orion Transcenders. Bangalore.

Lives in Bangalore. HESS Professional of 30+ yrs experience. Global Exposure in 4 continents of over 22 years in implementation of Health, Environment, Safety, Sustainability. First batch of Environmental Engineers from 1985 Batch. Qualified for implementing Lean, 6Sigma, HR best practices integrating them in to HESS as value add to business.

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