ESH Folks at Cross Roads,What to do?-2

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Part 1 of Blog Here! 

Part 1 I covered about Sharpening Technical Skills, diversifying knowledge beyond ESH, Relationship building, Data is essential to any discussion and work your personality profile to know yourself and others!!.

Here we go further!!

You are a Leader:– Many times, I see ESH folks expressing helplessness and inability to get things done or influence. They always point that the Leadership doesn’t support or encourage them. This attitude must change. You are a leader for people around you and for folks whom you influence and get things done as a staff function. It is all within us to build that skill. You become what you think about, Belive and succeed. Watch these 2 videos. Earl Nightingale talk changed my life 20 years back.

Steal Responsibility:- To move up the career path and make meaningful contributions, you have to sometimes steal Responsibility from your Boss! No one would hand responsibility on a platter. Try to know your boss’ job,see how you can contribute your bit or take it up on you  to free her as well as to learn and grow. 99 times out of 100, No Good boss would never say NO to things being delegated down.  I can quote 10s of example, but I would let big boss Larry Bossidy (Ex-Honeywell explain here in this article) hbr_what_your_leader_expects_of_you

Develop Metrics and Track:- What gets measured gets done. Be it in personal life, professional growth, or any other sphere of life! Work key metrics that you would like to track and stay on top of that. Keep a Diary of events and track. Now a days, Calendar, Evernote are all digital. This will also help you to write your performance review better. While on performance review, have a Career Document that highlights all of your achievements. (This is different from your Resume). Ofcourse, for this to be successful, one needs to have key goals aligned to targets, plans etc as part of Management Systems.

STAR Method of Performance Review!! measure, measure Measure, Data Data Data 

Safety Domain Growth:- When I began as Environmental Professional in 1985, (1st Batch of such professionals) we never would have dreamt that the domain would extend so much. Today the Word Safety would encompass in a span of 30 years, the following operational aspects to which ESH Folks are responsible.( These all functions I have handled or managed experts reporting to me)

  1. General Safety including Operational Safety.
  2. Loss Prevention including Fire Safety.
  3. Ergonomics & Well Being.
  4. Process Safety.
  5. Industrial Hygiene.
  6. Occupational Medicine.
  7. Project Management & Review/ Construction/ Contractor Safety (Certified Representative Development)
  8. Sustainability including Diversity, Greenhouse Gases, Carbon Foot Print, energy management.
  9. Human Rights/Social accountability
  10. Business Continuity (Non IT domain)
  11. Product Stewardship (Including Life Cycle Assessment, SIN, Congo Minerals)
  12. Facility.
  13. Security including Vulnerability Assessment (Post 9/11)
  14. Management Systems covering ISO 9000, 14000, 45001, 50001, 27001 etc linkage to Operations.

Great organisations see Synergy to include all these aspects of ESH and link to other areas like Productivity, Quality, Inventory, Delivery, Cost and make them a business enabler to grow business.I am sure that EHS Domain that I have listed above would stretch even further in coming decades. It is all in ESH professional’s hands to reach out and grab the opportunities (or better steal it) and move forward in life! As they say “The Glass is Half Full or Half Empty”, Which way one sees it is entirely up to them.

PS: If you ask me one book that made me, what I am, this is one! I charted my life at 1988, Great book to influence your life. I am glad I got it although a bit late at 24! I gifted this book to my Children at 18, so that they have a better life  planned than mine! The challenges faced by this generation is very very different, I dont think, I am up to it!!!




17/3/17. 1415 Hrs.


Author: Karthik B; Orion Transcenders. Bangalore.

Lives in Bangalore. HESS Professional of 30+ yrs experience. Global Exposure in 4 continents of over 22 years in implementation of Health, Environment, Safety, Sustainability. First batch of Environmental Engineers from 1985 Batch. Qualified for implementing Lean, 6Sigma, HR best practices integrating them in to HESS as value add to business.

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