A-ha?? Take on me, Hunting High& low!

This post is not about the Guys from Norway who took the music world by storm and set world on fire in English Pop music industry during 1980s!

This question came in Whatsapp Group! “What are Industries’ ESH Needs Tomorrow and how professionals can be different from one another to make a difference? -” by a gentleman! What makes ESH and Companies  get that “A-Ha moment” to Take them on and go hunt High and low to be a winner!! 

I thought of sharing my views, so this post!! I assume tomorrow indicates a 2-5 year window!

  1. Leadership Engagement:- With the new Standard of ISO 9001, 14001 out and new 45001 expected to come later this year, the Industry needs to align its leadership participation to the needs. No Longer “MR” the Scapegoat, Smooth operator or can be the fall guy. The new standards place a lot of emphasis on Leadership participation to align to policy, set vision, set objectives, targets review as well as lead the company beyond now to engage in new frontiers of business expansion. h-and-m-image
  2. Strategic Planning:- One of the key differentiator of excellence is to predict the future as well as foresee it. The enabler for executing this is through a good strategic planning covering 3-5 year window. Analyse SWOT PEST model and identify issues. Work the resources required. Even if a hit rate of 0.5 is achieved, you are ahead of the curve. EHS professionals need to go beyond Tech aspects to master Fin, HR, Ops aspects and that’s where basic management knowledge would go a long way. Integrate this as a way of doing business with linkage to Facility/Business/Operations/ Country/Region Risk Portfolio. 
    Word Cloud Strategic Planning
    Strategy is key

    SWOT with 5 forces
  3. Legal and other requirements:- The legal requirements which are the law of the land is not expected to change much given the low priority government always gives to such sectors. At the same time, the stakeholder outreach, joint venture participation, foreign investments in the Industry would set out expectations to implement some standards, codes, fundamental requirements etc which the interested parties may insist be complied as condition of business. Companies who want to surge ahead and ESH professionals who want to be different need to know these and work a plan to implement them so that due diligence occurs with less acrimony or suspicion. Also remember ESH is a dynamic target to shoot when you are on the move on tread mill, so watch out on the horizon for requirements that can impact your business besides ever-expanding scope of EHS. ( Business Continuity, Product Stewardship, Ergonomics, SARS, Furlough, Work Place Violence, Vulnerability assessment, Dept of Homeland Security, were unknown terms good 20 years back!!) Compliance-Requirements_Cover_Yourstory
  4. Embrace Technology:- The internet of things is here, work to spruce up your enablers. Excel is long dead and buried, Apps are new norms, Data is divine to slice, dice and form an opinion with justification. Views of new generations born after 1990, matter to maintain sanity in workplace, so seek them through tech devices. Work audio-visual aids as evidence and to strengthen your training and communication programs. Knowledge sharing thro portals is minimum expected like wearing shit/trouser. collaboration for inputs in developing programs, procedures, process, protocols is minimum expectations through Cloud based infrastructure. Of course, nothing can be achieved without fine tuning self in terms of relationship, engagement, emotional awareness. Work appropriate methods to calibrate them in a frequent manner. (Courtesy Beecham Research) bor01
  5. Finally as an individual what would you do to keep yourself different, spotted in the crowd? Ultimately, that’s what matters!
    1. Growth and Customer focus is key to everything you do. Be it home, work, environment. You are out to sell yourself. Work Personal Brand, know yourself your strength, weakness! Convert weakness as a strength to work.
    2.  Get Results:- You are measured by what you delivered. Salary,  # kids, Fulfilling committment, Tasks completed, % Incentives, all linked to results. Moral victory of nearly achieving  and just missed counts to nothing!! No one remembers who was #3 or #4 in any event. It is always top 2 at most. So work to get results through planning, execution and go beyond! download (2)
    3. Make people better:- You being professional has a duty to fulfill and your actions would have an impact one way or the other in people whom you influence. Work the best out of them, make them better in areas you can help them learn and grow through interactions, communications etc. As saying goes, “People join the organisation, but leave the manager”!!!! images

Hope this helps folks to prepare themselves and their organisation for the tomorrow.
Good Luck and God bless.




Author: Karthik B; Orion Transcenders. Bangalore.

Lives in Bangalore. HESS Professional of 30+ yrs experience. Global Exposure in 4 continents of over 22 years in implementation of Health, Environment, Safety, Sustainability. First batch of Environmental Engineers from 1985 Batch. Qualified for implementing Lean, 6Sigma, HR best practices integrating them in to HESS as value add to business.

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