One Shot !! JACK REACHER !!!

No Event in the world occurs at RANDOM– There is a cause and link ; At first, they don’t appear so! Jack Reacher!!  

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Ever Since 2001, I stumbled up on” JACK REACHER” books at a Library, I am is his’ die hard fan. Reacher “connects events through OUT OF BOX THINKING-GAME CHANGER”, linkage, between two totally unconnected, seemingly random events that appear at first so! A trait that EHS folks need to master in their quest for EHS excellence for a safer workplace and protect people.  

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So what can be done? Short term:- 

  1. Change Scenario: Take yourself out from same routine workspace, environment, different place, different area, different environment be at work, or home can give fresh input in to thinking and spark ideas. My A-ha moments have come when in brisk walks, Shower and Large mug of coffee as well as early morning before sun rise is the best time. (Jack Reacher- When in Doubt Drink plenty of Coffee works for me, I can gulp 6-7 Cups a day) 

    My COFFEE MUG for kicking the thinking! 
  2. Brain Storm What is your Opinion? As they say -4 Important words. Alway seek out! Asking some one a view/idea/thoughts/ favor, is not weakness, it is a strength, folks in this part of world hesitate to reach out! 

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3. Turn the issue, see from other perspective, upside down or rephrase the question or what the issue is not? You may get ideas.

4. Hybernate:- May seem ridiculous. Keep time to yourself. Turn your phone, laptop, Mobile, Block outlook meetings, Shut the cabin door (30 min-1hr) to focus focus focus on issues, ideas, innovation, incidents etc. Note the thoughts that float and connect. Ideas will flash, believe me.  ( How many know that Benzene structure was invented in Day dream by Kekkule of snake biting its own tail) 

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5 Work the parameters:- Change the mindset accept that there is an issue that needs to be addressed. Work from there on, best way to work in 5 WHY (Why, Why, Why, Why, Why) and 6M(Man, Method, Machine, Material, Measurement, Mileu) 

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6 Work the worst case scenario:- what can go wrong at worst? Set Norms, accept that there is problem? Don’t deny!! Ideas will flow! 

Long Term:-

  1. Stay positive, think positive, B+. Eliminate negative thoughts, Negativity. Work always positive and see glass as Half FULL.  When negative, impeding thoughts come in, try to push them out with a positive ones. “You become what you think out’. So a positive, enriched mind, gives avenue for new ideas. 

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    2. Nothing is permanant except Change! So try to change things around so that you dont fall in to the RUT, thus creativity, new ideas, fresh thoughts, radical concepts flow as you change thigns around! Change Schedule, Change routine, Change drive routes, change norms, change food habits try new food etc etc. 

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    3! Look around for Ideas, engage with folks from other vectors! While saying birds of feather flock together is good, great ideas come when you engage with folks from other industry, function,domain! Many of my ideas in Chemical Industrial engagement came when I interacted with folks from Aerospace, Automation and Controls, Heavy Engineering etc. The concepts, ideas, the industry specific norms can give new inputs to your problem solving. (  Failure Mode may not appear to be a big deal in Chemical Industry, but everything in Aircrafts, so look for applications). I recollect my FINANCE Manager giving revelutionary idea during our Contractor Safety Management Program. ( He suggested, unless Contractors give specification of equipment in use undertaking / give copy of MSDS for new substances, no payment of invoice to be done ) 

    4) Over long term in order to sustain creativity, new ideas, problem solving have all to become culture of the organisation which encourages such aspects. There is only you can do so much when such initiatives are not given freehand!! Also listen more, speak less, the more you listen, the more ideas, thoughts flash…..

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    Again, as I keep harping, it all appears easy, but it requires practice, practice, practice with committment, involvement, engagement to master the art!! hahahh! I leave you with this funny video on practice! (Count how many times he says”Practice” haha)

Take it easy take care, God Bless 


26/5/17 1330 Hrs.

PS: The idea for this post flashed for me at 515am when I  was brushing teeth, thinking about Manchester bombing and what folks could have done to prevent and what root cause of incidents would be seen and what Reacher would dig out?? 

Author: Karthik B; Orion Transcenders. Bangalore.

Lives in Bangalore. HESS Professional of 30+ yrs experience. Global Exposure in 4 continents of over 22 years in implementation of Health, Environment, Safety, Sustainability. First batch of Environmental Engineers from 1985 Batch. Qualified for implementing Lean, 6Sigma, HR best practices integrating them in to HESS as value add to business.

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