Karthik. B


31 years of HSE hands on experience in Handling Safety in the domain of Plant, Process, Operations, Office Management & construction and Vehicles/fleet. Hands on expertise on developing and implementing Quality,safety, Environment and Energy management systems.

HSE Legal compliance, Assurance expert linked to operations and functional excellence.

Trained OSHA 1926 Construction safety / Contractor Safety Management expert. PSM expertise having trained in Basle 1994.

Subject matter expert in Environment protection, Industrial Hygiene and Occupational health and Hygiene besides M& A Due Diligence / Toll Manufacturing coverage for QEHS.

Independent EHS Professional since NOV 2012, managing my own entity.

Want to reach out to people and build network in the age of knowledge worker.

Expertise in FCPA, Business Continuity Management (BCM), Product Stewardship (PS)systems and HR practices. Also responsible on Energy Management and Sustainability at SBG Level.

Expertise in implementing “LEAN Tools” and LEAN Operating systems integrating HSE in to functional Transformation.

Responsible for people development in South Asia. Supported EHS Directors (Regional) at global sites.

Proven Implementation over last 30 years in:-

  • Support developing “HESS” Strategic plans; align through quantifiable/ measurable risk based approach for operations/ resource allocation. Achieve ZERO Fatality/ Serious loee prevention; thus providing a safe, healthy and sustainable work environment.
  • Collaborate in establishing “HESS” Policies, programs, procedures to integrate as a functional enabler in to business.
  • Develop tools for Governance, Assurance and self-check mechanism to enhance measurable performance.
  • Developing and sustaining “HESS” Management systems, for clients, beyond ISOs to fully integrate & align to key process step requirements of the business.
  • Provide empowerment to PEOPLE by customizing behavior program to reduce “AT- RISK” Behavior at workplace through Critical Behaviours Identification.
  • Develop audits tools for “HESS” process performance enhancer, collective ownership to reduce performance variance thus improving productivity. Leverage HESS as value proposition leading to efforts beyond Legal compliance.
  • Support developing Sustainability/ Energy Management initiative to stakeholders for being environmentally friendly (Green & clean).
  • Support clients to achieve HESS excellence on Construction/ Contractor / Management Services; make it as big differentiators for reducing injury/ illness as well as enhance compliance, cost differentiation.
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