My New Video on Youtube.

I have uploaded a Video at YOUTUBE on BLOGS, Podcast, BOOKS that HSE folks should follow for sharpen the saw. This list is not exhaustive, naturally with Web expanding at a pace where Data these days is filling up in week, what it took 100 years until 1980s!!!  Please let me know your Thoughts comments here are at the youtube vide0 site.

I am delighted to share my uploaded BUSINESS FLYER containing my Profile, my core area of ESH support expertise that I can provide, 2017-orion-transcenders-business-flyers-with-areas-of-esh-expertise-support  I would be happy to hear feedback on the same. If there are specific topics you would like me to assist through presentation, Coaching or Training or Workshop or Webinar, please do not hesitate to contact me. Please feel free to share the same in your network. Let’s take advantage of Technology. 

Physical fitness is a must and easiest way to maintain is to make good walking. 10,000 Steps a day keeps you fit without resorting to any other fitness regime. (MY only source of exercise over last 25 Years)!!! There are very good apps to count your steps. You may use Google Fit or Noom WALK as some apps and count your steps. Keep your fitness…… 

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28/2/17 1800 Hrs.


My Past HESS Posting.

In case if you had missed.

  1. ESH State of Nation INDIA 2017 Survey Results 

  2. ESH State of Nation, Survey, Take it here Incase you havent done before.

  3. Youtube Video of Survey Results. 

  4. EHS Professionals How to face Challenges!! 25 Min Presentation. 

  5. ot-flyer-2017 for Reference 1page PDF. 

  6. jan-2017-karthik-profile  

Await further new posts in Days. Thanks.


My NEW “HESS” Postings!

Great to begin my BLOG!

I have decided to reach out to folks, to post my thoughts on HESS (Health,Environment, Safety, Sustainability) Blog.

As of now I am planning on Random basis of posting with an attempt to post 2-3 posts a week on HESS/Culture/ Personality Developments linked to Professionals in the field of Manufacturing/services.

I might also work some Audio podcasts and post here in coming days. This BLOG will be exclusively for Professional content. My Personal Blog would remain separate and that would be in different domain.

Please feel free to contact me or post your inputs here on comments on topics/Support you would require from HESS/ Quality/HR/Personality improvement/Self Development perspective. I would do my best to work on them.

Once again Great to be here.